Saturday, December 14, 2013

We have a preschool graduate

When I "graduated" preschool there was no fanfare. One day you were going to preschool, the next you were going to school.

Things have changed somewhat over the years.

Yesterday afternoon, the whole family, Hubby, our little man, Nonna, Poppy and I attended our little misses preschool graduation concert.

I had nerves as we waited for it to start, a lot of nerves. I wondered how our little miss would be. She had been practising for days in the lead up to the big event and was excited about it.

Finally out came the preschool class of 2013, our little miss was the leader being one of the eldest and longest standing members of the preschool room. Her eyes quickly scanned the room, searching for us. When she found us, she gave us a big smile. Great start!

As they started singing Dr Knickerbocker, her little lip quivered, she was holding back tears. My heart started to pump at a million miles an hour as I tried not to cry. I could tell she was nervous. But she was also so brave, she kept going and sung her little heart out. Every time our eyes met she smiled the biggest smile.

As her lip continued to quiver, I changed seats to sit in the front row that was set out for younger or older siblings of the preschoolers to be closer to her. To show I was there for 100 percent. I gave her a wink and mouthed, "Are you okay?" she replied, "Yep".

Throughout the concert and renditions of Alice the Camel, Bugs and Beetles, and We are going to the Zoo tomorrow, her little lip continued to quiver on and off but she remained brave and sang the loudest and proudest - at least I thought so :)

At the end of the concert, the kids received their certificates. We were so proud of our little miss.

One of her carers then sang an Irish Blessing. I cried. As soon as our little miss saw me cry, she cried too.

It was an emotional and overwhelming afternoon. Hubby and I can't believe our little miss is five years old and will no longer be attending this centre but going to school next year.

Do you have a little one graduating preschool?
or do you remember when they did graduate?

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