Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brave little man

After writing last week of our little misses separation anxieties and feeling totally, completely and utterly overwhelmed, I backed up this week with our little man's first visit to daycare.

This would be the first time I would leave him there with the other bubs and carers, while I went off and had a nervous relaxing time at the supermarket.

The daycare is at the same place as little misses preschool class, so he has been there many times and seen the carers and some of the bubs too.

I timed the visit so it would be close to pick-up time for our little miss. My plan was to drop him off, head to the shops, get some groceries, run head back, pick them both up and start our afternoon/night routine.

I gave him afternoon tea at home and my palms began to sweat and butterflies began to swirl in my stomach. I thought I would be fine with my second bubs starting daycare. Apparently not.

Sweaty palms, butterflies and all, we headed to daycare. I kissed him and left him happily playing with his new little friends. I headed to the shops without any kids. Yep, that is right, without any kids. It has been a while since I have been to the shops without any kids. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself.

Having time to spare after buying the groceries, I headed to the preschool area. They were all happily playing outside and squirting each other with water. Thankfully they took turns squirting me too because it was 35 degrees.

I love getting the chance to watch our little miss play happily at preschool after the anxiety issues that begin our days. It is like a huge weight lifts off my shoulders.

Time was up! I raced around to the babies area and spied my little man happily watching the other kids. As soon as he saw me his little face lit up and he crawled over to me. The carer said he was completely fine, not a care in the world as he watched the bigger kids and laughed. One little girl even covered him in kisses and he was not phased.

Massive relief.

Don't you love when something actually goes to plan?

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