Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The waiting continues....seriously!

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Yesterday I blogged how at the moment patience is not my virtue and Hubby and I are playing the waiting game. I thought there was one sleep until we possibly got some answers.

But NO, there was major miscommunication (or just sheer incompetence) between the hospital, doctors and imaging our wait continues.

It all started when Hubby called to confirm his appointment for his cardiac MRI, only to be told there wasn't one.


What ensued was frantic phone calling to work out what had gone wrong and what the hell we could do about it.

This is the story....

The hospital called on Friday to book him a cardiac MRI in the imaging department. They blocked out a space for Wednesday (as in today) at 1.30pm, however, didn't put Hubby's name on it, and were awaiting the arrival of the referral from the cardiologist.

The referral was faxed to the imaging department on Tuesday (as in yesterday) morning. Because there was no name on Hubby's appointment, when they received the referral three days late, they had no idea who this person was or what was going on.

The imaging department rang the cardiologist's rooms. However, they have no record of Hubby because he hasn't been to the rooms, he was in the hospital! No-one thought to call the hospital though, clearly that would have made too much sense.

Therefore, the referral was put aside and the blocked out space given to someone else. No doubt a someone else that is also awaiting answers.

The imaging department told Hubby that the next available appointment for public patients was in January next year. However, there was a private patient (as in you don't get anything back from Medicare) appointment next Wednesday at 8am. Yep, that is right, next Wednesday, which is a whole week away from this fricking Wednesday.

Messages were left for both cardiologist's that are looking after him, because they are only in their rooms for about two minutes per week!

We both fumed around the house attempting not to have nervous breakdowns.

Finally, one of his cardiologists called back. Thankfully the one that had ordered the MRI. Hubby told him the story. He said that was fine to wait another week but definitely not to wait until January.

However, during this week, he is not allowed to do anything dangerous in case he has another anything he thinks that could cause him harm if he had another seizure, don't do it. So no driving, no using power tools, no bike riding....etc, etc.

Another week, can you believe it? I can't.

Has a miscommunication every thrown a serious spanner in your plans?

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