Friday, October 18, 2013

One great thing this week....

The last week I have been extremely preoccupied with my husband and the "episode" he had last Thursday afternoon. Waiting for answers and hoping for the best in regards to his heart.

But there has been some super great news for our family as well this week.

I blogged back in May about our little misses eyes. During a STEPS test at her preschool it was found that she was extremely long sighted in her left eye.

When she was first tested she could only see the second line on the eye chart with her left eye.

More tests followed and she started wearing glasses and patching her right eye in an attempt to get her left eye to wake up and start functioning correctly.

Last Thursday morning we headed to Bankstown Hospital eye clinic for another check-up.

I admit I was nervous. I was hoping there had been an improvement.

Little misses name was called. They covered her right eye and asked her to read the second line, no problem....phew, at least her eye hadn't got any worse.

They asked her to read the third line, no problem. The fourth line, no problem. At this stage I looked at Hubby and nearly let out a "woot" but contained myself. The fifth line, no problem.

She started on the sixth line and could read one letter. We were ecstatic!

Our little misses eye had improved so much in such a short time. The doctor was happy, we were happy, little miss was happy. There was happiness everywhere in that little room.

We left feeling elated and will have another check-up in three months.

What has left you elated this week?

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