Sunday, May 12, 2013

What does she think about being a mum

Becoming a mum has made me appreciate my own mum even more. Don't get me wrong, I have always appreciated her a lot. But since welcoming my own two sweet little bundles into this world I look at my own mum with awe.

My mum, Brother B and me in 1976
She was 25 years old (which seems so young now) when she had my brother and I. Yep, she had twins. More power to her - and to anyone who has multiple births. I had one baby nearly five years ago and it took me two and a half years to contemplate another one.

She didn't have this luxury. In August 1976, she found out she was having twins and in November 1976 Brother B and I were born.

I found the above photo when I was transferring slides onto the computer for my parents 40th wedding anniversary three years ago. Brother B saw it for the first time this year. We had never seen photos from this time in Mum's life. She looks so young and we look so small and vulnerable.

I decided that today I would find out what my mum thinks about being a mum.

Me: What do you love about being a mum?
Mum: My children, watching you and your brother grow up over all these years has been wonderful.

Me: What is your favourite parenting moment?
Mum: When you and your brother went off to school. For some reason I really remember that.

Me: What has been your worst parenting moment?
Mum: 1994 was a stressful year. It was your HSC year and the year you learnt to drive. I found all of that very stressful. 

Me: How many kids did you want before you had kids?
Mum: I thought I would have three kids. But after having twins that was enough and I just stopped at two.

Me: What did you learn from your mum?
Mum: Nothing. I didn't have a close relationship with my mother.

Me: Did your relationship with your mum change when you had kids?
Mum: No it didn't change when I had you and your brother. 

Me: What was the best piece of advice your received about parenting?
Mum: I didn't really get any. In the old days you didn't really get advice, there was no internet, no blogs, not so much pressure as now. People just said that it was nice you were pregnant. 
One piece I did get that was good was to run my own race. I remember not letting anyone touch you when you were sleeping in case you woke up.

Me: Would you change anything in hindsight?
Mum: No, I am very proud of you and your brother.

Me: What do you really want on mothers day?
Mum: Only to be with my family.

Me:What do you love about being a nonna?
Mum: Being able to watch them grow and spend a lot of time with them. We are fortunate that we can spend so much time with them.

My mum, Brother B and me in 2013
As I continue to navigate my way through motherhood, I continually lean on my mum. She is always there for me when I need her. To come over and help out or just be a sounding board on the phone.

Thanks Mum for having us :) Happy Mother's Day.

What do you think about being a mum?


  1. Lovely post. You're lucky you have a close relationship with your Mum and spend lots of time together. :-)

    1. Hey! Thanks. I am very fortunate to be close to my family :)

  2. Gorgeous Sam. I love your mum's beautifully simplistic views on motherhood and I think we can all learn from the advice she recieved about running our own race. xx

    1. I know I love the running your own race advice. I was curious why she didn't tell me that when I had kids! Maybe I should have asked her then. xo