Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big decisions

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The decision to have children is a big one. Probably one of the biggest.

They are seriously life changing. But in a good way, right?

Admittedly we were extremely naive when deciding to have our first baby. Before you experience it first hand you can never truly know what it is like to have a child.

I remember saying to a good friend, between sobs, "Why didn't you tell me it was like this?". She said, "You wouldn't have believed me and it wouldn't have changed your mind anyway." She was right.

When it came to deciding whether to add to our brood with a second child, it took us two and a half years to  make our mind up that indeed it was time to try again.

We don't regret our decision to have two kids. They are simply gorgeous and when they smile at you it makes it all worthwhile.

However, now that we have two children we seem to be constantly faced with big decisions.

Circumcise or not? When to return to work and for how many days? What preschool and how many days?

Currently our big decision with Little Miss 4 is where to send her to school next year.

The prospect of "big" school has sent me in to some kind of neurotic meltdown for a while now. The fact it is looming ever so close is giving me the anxious sweats.

Yesterday we went to a walk-through at one of the prospective schools. It was so big and Little Miss 4 seemed so very small. My anxiety levels rose rapidly.

I was thankful that she was so excited and skipped through the school happily. When we got home she talked about what she had liked about the school. This morning she pretended that preschool was actually  big school.

I think she is way more ready for this transition than I am.

We have another school to look at before we make the final decision. I believe the school she goes to will set the foundation for a lot of things in her life.

It will be a hard decision to make and I hope we make the right one.

Do you make big decisions in relation to your kids? Was the school they went to a big decision?


  1. She will be fine! Sounds like she is definitely ready - more than you!

    Our decision was pretty easy, living in a small regional town and it was the school I went to!

    1. Some of my friends stayed in the area we grew up and now their kids are going to the same school we did. It is nice I think.

  2. I feel we're making big decisions constantly, from deciding which daycare to enrol in and which swimming school, right down to what to feed them (especially as one as allergies). Parenting is a much tougher gig than I had ever imagined!

    1. Hi Grace, parenting is definitely a much harder gig than I ever imagined. My mum tells me it never gets easier either and you always worry about your kids, even when they are 36!.

  3. I really struggled with the decision about school. Both of my children are Jan/Feb babies and we had some real issues with Miss9 when she started. Best of luck, I don't envy you (you know what I mean) xx

    1. Thanks Kim :)
      Our Little Miss 4 is a June baby so will be five and a half when she starts school.
      It just freaks me out that we make the right decision about the school we send her too.