Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Great Gardening Challenge - Stage 1

After a lot of thinking and talking about the gardening that needs doing, it has finally started.

Hubby removed the agapanthus! It actually turned into a mammoth job as the more he ripped out, the more there actually seemed to be! Apparently these things are like weeds - who knew!

It started off like this....

And at the moment looks like this....

Now I have to start researching vegie/fruit gardens!!

And we have decided to put an outdoor pizza oven out the back too!!

Do you like gardening?


  1. I really want to like gardening, but honestly I just don't. My husband does thankfully or a our garden would look a wreck! A pizza oven woudl be fab.

    1. Our garden is going to be super low maintenance :)
      And I am mostly super excited about the pizza oven, which is clearly not even a plant! hahaha!
      Oh and once I killed a cactus! WHAT THE!
      Thankfully my hubby is really getting into it.