Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Tunes...The Truth About Love by Pink

Pink, born Alecia Beth Moore, released her sixth studio album in September this year titled "The Truth About Love" and I love it!

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Admittedly I am a Pink fan. I have all her albums and have seen her in concert twice. I like sassy confident women (I hope to be one...one day!), who aren't afraid to say "F*** You!".

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The truth about Pink is that she is not without her demons too, making her relevant to many. In the November 2012 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, she talks about self-esteem issues. She's very passionate about reminding young women of their worth and despite her successes, she has the same doubts and fears - check out her previous songs Stupid Girls and Raise Your Glass.

In the same Rolling Stone article, she says her therapist helps her to communicate, to stop over-thinking and worrying about every little thing. And that this process has led her to ease up on the drinking she once use as a crutch to take away panic and anxiety.

More power to her. I am a believer in therapy - a lot more people should do it to exorcise their own demons.

This new album is definitely one I have added to my play list for exorcising my demons - I use music a lot for that.

My favourites for singing out loud in the car are:

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - about the end of her tumultuous 10-year relationship with motocross star Carey Hart. "I think I finally had enough / I think I maybe think too much". (BTW - they are back together).

Try - about taking risks with love, no matter the consequences. "Where there is desire there is gonna be a flame / Where there is a flame someone's bound to be get burned / But just because it burns doesn't mean  you're gonna die / You gotta get up and try,"

I recommend checking out the video for this one too, the dance moves and acrobatics are great.

Just Give Me A Reason - featuring Indie singer Nate Ruess. A very raw track, not as common as Pink's anthem type fist pumpers. "Just give me a reason / Just a little bit's enough / Just a second we're not broken just bent / And we can learn to love again".

How Come You're Not Here -another narrative on her separation from husband Carey Hart. This song really makes you sing out loud in the car and maybe even fist pump. "Are you hiding in the closet / Are you underneath the bed / Did you go for a long walk off a short pier / How Come You're Not Here".

Here Comes the Weekend - featuring Eminem. Being an Eminem fan (another great artist for exorcising those demons), it was a given that I would like this track!

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Are you a Pink fan? Do you use music for therapy?


  1. I do like Pink - she's an incredibly talented woman. I don't listen to enough music. I must do something about that!

    1. I love music. I love driving to and from work and being able to listen to my music as loud as I want!!

  2. Love Pink. Love this album. And love that I have tickets to see her next year! And absolutely use music for therapy, I would have expired long ago if I didn't have my music. x

    1. I am so envious that you have tickets!
      I would have expired long ago without my music too.

  3. The Truth About Love is my favorite Pink album.
    Party with Pink