Monday, November 19, 2012

Our other little miracle...

Today the three of us; Hubby, Little Miss 4 and myself had another chance to see other little miracle, Bubs#2 at 31 weeks gestation. 

A possible complication of having gestational diabetes is Bubs#2 growing bigger than average increasing the chance of having to be born early even if he/she is not ready. 

I thought this was my biggest concern - not endocrinologist had a feel of the baby at one of my appointments and stated "I think the baby is too small". In the next breath he told me that I needed to stress less as stress has a serious impact on gestational diabetes. Nice work Buddy! Definitely stressing less now??!! 

At the time I was, to put it mildly, upset and started thinking that something may have stopped the baby growing properly, was it something I had done, would he/she be OK, etc, etc.

My fears were allayed after speaking to my obstetrician who said he was sure there was nothing to worry about but we should do a scan anyway. He went on to reminded me that an endocrinologist is not an obstetrician.

Also, if you have seen me recently...I am massive! People ask me if I am sure I am not carrying twins... BTW - I AM NOT!

After the scan we know that Bubs#2 is OK and on the larger side of average, so nothing to worry about at this stage.

Oh and the kid is damn cute!!

Do you think it is possible to tell a kid is cute from an ultrasound pic?

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