Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Frivolity - when is it ok to...

This week I received a text message from my sister-in-law, Sister B, it read:

I have a subject for your blog! 
When is it ok to pick your nose?
I'm on the train and a guy is really going for it....might hit brain matter soon.

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I laughed. I could just see Sister B sitting on the train watching a guy pick his nose and trying not to laugh out loud whilst texting me. It also got me thinking - when is it OK to pick your nose?

Little Miss 4 is a nose-picker, as are all her friends, as we all probably were when we were four years old. It seems at this young age there is no fear of embarrassment or social shun if you are caught picking your nose and even eating what you find in there!

I am not too sure when it becomes taboo to pick your nose, possibly when you go to school and actually listen to the teacher who tells you to get your finger out of there (because clearly kids don't listen to their parents about such matters).

But it does become a social taboo to pick your nose in public as you get older. It also raises another question, where are you going to put anything you find in there?

In my opinion, it is OK to pick your nose in the privacy of your own bathroom and with a tissue. Call me crazy though cause I don't think it is OK to go the pick on the train or bus, in the car, or on the street without a tissue. Using a tissue though could be deemed OK in a public setting if it is an emergency.

And if you are trying to woo a Calvin Klein model, don't even scratch the side of your nose in the car - just ask Jerry Seinfeld.....

When do you think it is OK to pick your nose?

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