Monday, October 8, 2012

Taming Tantrums

Taming Tantrums
Little Miss 4 is generally a good kid, in fact she is awesome, so easy-going and chilled out. We do get the occasional tantrum which is short and sweet...until last night.
At the moment I don't know what to blame, a weekend spent working in the yard, the change in daylight saving, or just life!
Whatever the cause, it was tumultuous! There were tears, screaming, kicking and general crazy carry on and it lasted what seemed like forever (in real time probably 30 minutes). Needless to say I ended up in tears as well and poor Hubby was trying to console everyone.
This morning I jumped online, as you do, and researched "Tantrums" and found a whole lot of information on "The Terrible Twos", however, Little Miss is 4 years old. I have heard a lot about "The Terrible Twos", Little Miss 4 must have been a late bloomer as she started with attitude on her 4th birthday (to the day).
Here are some of the tips that I found online:
  • Give her a hug
    Tried that and got a hand in the face.
  • Try a time out
    Hubby tried this and it ended in more screaming and tears.
  • Look the other way
    I was looking the other way and it just went on and on. How long are you meant to look the other way?
  • Keep her busy
    At 8.30pm at night! We didn't try this one.
  • Find the fun
    Once again not the best advice for 8.30pm at night.
In the end I think it was calm rationally talking, asking her if she wanted to say goodnight to Mummy, and I think the tears streaming down my face might have gotten her as well. I did forget to mention that all she wanted was her Daddy!
Cuddles, kisses, and goodnights were given and I retreated to my own room in tears thinking what a bad parent I am and how I can fix myself to be a better one.
What are your proven tantrum tamers?
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