Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The darnedest things

One of the most surprising things I have discovered since becoming a parent is how much kids pick up from you; your mannerisms, your slang, your interests, your habits, and snippets from conversations when you have no idea they are listening. They are little sponges in the early years.

It has also become very apparent that kids do say the darnedest things...

Recently Little Miss 4 got into the habit of saying "ya" all the time. "I told ya", "How are ya?". After further investigations it seems Hubby and her Poppy are the main culprits of using "ya". I suggested to her that saying "you" was better than saying "ya". She now continually corrects Hubby and her Poppy with "It is you, not ya!" and "You shouldn't say ya!".

Yesterday, we had a friend over and I had to do some computer work while she was here, my friend said to Little Miss 4 "Is that because Mummy is the boss?", Little Miss 4 shrugged and said "Mummy is the boss of this house". (True, but don't tell Hubby).

When Little Miss 4 misunderstands or doesn't hear properly, she would say "Hay?". Hubby told her once that "Hay is what horses eat" and suggested saying "Pardon". This morning Hubby told me that he said "Hey" and she said to him, "Hay is what horses eat Daddy, you should say Pardon".

Another example came at daycare pick-up  today, the kids were asking me "How did you get a baby in your tummy?", and Little Miss 4 told them straight, "Dr Porter helped us put a baby in Mummy's tummy because we wanted a baby in our house for me to play with". (Back story is we did IVF to conceive Bubs#2 and our Dr is Dr Porter.)

What are some of the darnedest things your kids have said?

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