Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Being a fun Mum!

Since I have been following Kelly at Be A Fun Mum I have been totally inspired. After reading a bit about Be A Fun Mum, I know "it’s about reclaiming the joy of motherhood in a fast-paced world". 

Little Miss 4 and I have decided to reclaim the joy, so have started doing some of the great things I have found on Be A Fun Mum.

We decided to start with designing her some shoes. We hit the local shops, both energised and excited about our project. After buying the canvas shoes and fabric markers (the Santa chocolates, the crocs for Little Miss 4 and the pair of shoes for me) we headed home and got to work.

Little Miss 4 decided that I should do one shoe and she would do the other - we had fun showing each other our designs and patterns as we went along, comparing colours, swirls and zig-zags. She is very happy with the outcome and I may never get them off her feet.

Another thing we found on Be A Fun Mum this week was the Garden Potato-Face Scarecrow Family.  Considering I always over purchase when buying potatoes I thought this was the best way to use up the squishy ones left in the back of the cupboard.

We set ourselves up with the old potatoes and textas and created our "potato family", including Mummy, Daddy, Sister and Baby. Little Miss 4 loved doing this, she made me leave them lined up on the dining table until Hubby got home so she could show him her family of squishy potatoes.

Thanks Kelly for inspiring me to be a fun mum!

What great crafts have you done with your kids?


  1. Great ideas. We have painted canvas shoes before, but I think drawing on them is a much better idea. It's nice to get back to basics with ideas isn't it?