Sunday, April 19, 2015

{My 5 cents} Orphan Black

Being two full seasons and two episodes too late for the premiere of Orphan Black I feel I am a bit behind the per usual. 

Better late than never though.

Having just started watching Orphan Black and being two episodes in I have to say I am impressed. It is very "Dark Angel" -esque for me. 

Episode 1 introduces us to Sarah, a street tough orphan in her early twenties witnessing another woman's suicide at a train station. Very powerful first scenes I must say. As the other woman, Beth, is about to step in front of a train she glances toward Sarah and we realise they look exactly the same. 

Her BFF is the hilariously gay Felix, affectionately known as Fi. Together they presume that Beth is Sarah's twin sister and somehow they were separated at birth. Fi was in the same foster family as Sarah and absolutely, totally and completely loves her and I get the impression would do anything for her.

After discovering that Beth has 75,000 pounds in a bank account, Sarah, with the help of Fi decides to steal Beth's identity in the hope of escaping her on-the-run lifestyle with her daughter Kira (currently under the care of Sarah's own foster mother, Mrs S).

But Beth's life, and ultimately her own is not that easy. Beth is a cop, under investigation for shooting a civilian and seemingly entwined in a deadly conspiracy. A conspiracy that now involves Sarah.

As Beth, she meets two more women that look exactly like her. A german "Sarah" in possession of birth certificates and blood samples, that is shot in Beth's car (that Sarah is driving) while trying to find out where Beth has been (arh, she is dead too). WHAT!

And a soccer mum "Sarah" who seems completely in control of everything, invites Sarah to her house in the burbs in the middle of the night to learn more..about being cloned.....cue end of Episode 2.

There are other characters mixing the plot pot too, Beth's boyfriend, Beth's partner, Sarah's ex-boyfriend, and Mrs S. All not quite seeming to be all that meets the eye.

I can only presume that now she must figure everything out and keep herself, Fi and Kira alive in the process. So far I am totally intrigued to find out - why were they cloned? why are they being killed? why blood samples? so many questions. Love a show that keeps you thinking and guessing.

And can I just conclude that lead actress, Tatiana Maslany, is fantastic as "Sarah". She is totally believable as all the characters she has portrayed so far.

Have you seen Orphan Black?
What do you think?
Do you like some sci-fi?

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