Thursday, September 18, 2014

Me, myself and migraines

I suffer migraines. I hate them. I am sure they hate me, which is why they inhabit my skull cavity. Drilling into the back of my eyes until I can no longer open them.

I have been through many tests over the years - blood, x-ray, scan and ultrasound to figure out the exact cause. There isn't one.

I have tried "migraine inhibitor" tablets. Eh, didn't work. I have tried this and that. Some things work better than others. But inevitably the pesky migraine always wins in the end.

As I get older I get wiser about them. What triggers them. What I can do about them.

Sadly, there is no one trigger. It can be a number of factors all blending into one - stress, tight neck, bad back, lack of food and/or water, hormones, and "just because".

(Yep, one doctor told me I get migraines, "just because". Thanks...for nothing.)

I shouldn't complain too much though as it has been a while since I have been so stricken with a migraine that I have ended up incoherent and vomiting. Which is a good thing. Mostly I am just bed ridden in my dark bedroom while the world whirs around me.

As I get on in life though I am trying to make healthier choices, including limiting the amount of pain killers I take on a seemingly regular basis - so I have been researching natural solutions to get rid of these migraines.

In my search of a more healthy lifestyle I have come across a great website,

Here are two articles I discovered on migraines, which I will be giving a go and letting you know about the results....

Do you get headaches?
What are your remedies?


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