Friday, June 6, 2014

Where to next?

After a month of blogging every day, I have not blogged for a week!

I have missed it terribly. I love my little space on the interwebs. My place here on Venus. Where I come to write and decompress. Whether people read it or not does not matter - it is nice though that you do and I am forever thankful.

It is just that I get to write. It is therapeutic. My head is cleared. The baggage sent on its way.

This past week I haven't even had time to indulge in reading my favourite blogs. How I have missed them. They have become so familiar. Their writers like old friends.

This past week I have felt heavy. Work is chaotic, for want of a better word. We are all literally running about madly and hoping for the best. My head is dazed, confused and cluttered.

It has become apparent that I need to make specific time to write on my blog and read the stories of my blogger friends. For the sake of my sanity, if nothing else!

It also opens up another question for me - where to next?

Where to for my little blog? Where to for me? Where to for work?

So much to ponder, as always.

Where are you heading to? Are you pondering something?


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