Thursday, May 1, 2014

My entire day in just 100 words

I fall out of bed.

Wash and dress my tired self.

Rouse the kids from their slumber.

Dress the kids.

Organise breakfast. And a much needed coffee.

Pack bags.

Everyone in the car.

Drop off at school, daycare and then off to work.

Work, work, work.

Brief interruptions include food, drink and a pointless meeting.

Leave work.

Pick up at school and daycare.

Back home.

Do the homework.

Do the dinner thing.

Bath the kids.

Brush teeth.

Read stories.

Kisses goodnight.

Fall in a heap on the lounge.

Enjoy a cuppa.

Off to bed to start it all again tomorrow.

Could you sum up your day in just 100 words?

Joining up with the lovely Claire at Clairey Hewitt for Blog Every Day in May

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