Monday, May 26, 2014

Are ghosts real?

Are ghosts real?

Wouldn't it be nice if Casper were real. He is the friendly ghost. And so cute! Kids would love a friend like Casper.

As an adult, I am quite taken with Bettlejuice. He would liven up any party.

Honestly though, I would like to think ghosts are real. There are people in my life who passed away too young that I loved so much. Imagine if they were still be around in some way. If they could know how we all turned out - married with kids, houses and jobs.

When I was younger, perhaps eight years old. I used to think that I had bad dreams when I was awake. I used to see people in my room, but not real people. Pretend people. At the time I used to watch them transfixed in some nightmare terror until I called out to my mum. She switched on the light and that was that. Until the next time.

Now that I am older and somewhat wiser, I wonder, What did I really see all those years ago? Are ghosts real? I guess that now I may never know.

Do you think ghosts are real?


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