Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A habit I would like to break

Habits. Good, bad, ugly. Everyone has them. Some have a lot of them.

But which habit would I like to break? To answer this one properly, I took to the streets (well I asked Hubby) to find out what are my most annoying habits. Cause I should probably start with them.

And get this, he only came up with two! He must feel the need to be nice to me at the moment :)
  1. Scratching my arms
  2. Checking my phone at dinner (in my defence - this is when the two of us are dining together and I check to see if the babysitter has called)
So, I am going to tackle numero uno... for now anyway.

When I am stressed, depressed or anxious I have a tendency to scratch at my arms. It has become so habitual at these times that I don't even realise I am doing it. I have even woken up in the night and been scratching at my upper arms!

Commonly there will be big red marks that just keep getting scratched and scratched. Really not attractive in any way, shape or form.

My mum and Hubby are constantly saying, "Stop scratching!". Now my little miss says, "Stop scratching Mum!".

Here is hoping that I stop scratching!

What is one habit you would like to break?


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