Saturday, March 29, 2014

What are your expectations?

Expectations. They are everywhere. Everyone has them. We pin them on ourselves and others like shiny beacons of hope, until the shine starts to fade and they become tarnished.

Some people set high expectations. While others set the bar low or have none existent expectations. Which is better I wonder?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case. The example they give is, "reality had not lived up to expectations". If reality isn't living up to expectation, surely it is better to have lower ones, right? Or possibly none at all.

When I was younger I saw the world through rose-coloured glasses, to some extent I still do. I had great expectations of life and love. My life was ahead of me, the world was my oyster. Arh, to be young again. These great expectations led to disappointment, sadly on more than one occasion.

As I have grown older I have tried not to expect too much. I like the idea of being surprised and not disappointed. Too many disappointments can definitely lead to a lowering of your expectations.

As for the expectations I place on myself, these ones will probably always be high. Like a lot of people it seems. The high expectations to be a great mum, wife, friend, sister, daughter, employee are always hard to lower. Isn't that always the way - we expect more of ourselves than others. We all seem to accept a lot in others that we wouldn't in ourselves. Why is that?

Are your expectations high or low?
Do you expect more from yourself than others?

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