Saturday, January 11, 2014

When history repeats

Thirty-two years ago, a mum entered Forbes footwear at Hornsby with her two kids to purchase their very first pair of school shoes. She would return there for many years to purchase their school shoes.

Last week, one of those kids, now a mum too (aka me), entered the very same Forbes footwear shop with her eldest kid (aka little miss) to purchase her very first pair of school shoes. We also took my mum (aka Nona) with us for old times sake - and the fact that it was her idea that we go there for the shoes and her extreme willingness to pay for them.

And guess what, the shop was exactly as I remembered it! The same seat stood proudly in the middle, having had millions of school kid bums sit on it while there feet were expertly measured and shoe after shoe was discarded searching for the perfect fit. Many times my own bum had sat on that seat. This time it was our little misses turn.

She sat on that tall seat with the biggest smile, so excited to be getting her first pair of school shoes - even though she had to wear the store socks because I forgot her new school ones.

The lady that helped us measured this way and that way, tried on pair after pair of shoes until BINGO! The perfect pair. Little miss then had to perform the obligatory walk around the store to double-check the shoe's fit.

And what do you know - they were perfect. Apparently they are the exact same brand as my first pair of school shoes, which obviously made sense as she has inherited my narrow, high-arched feet.

For old and new times sake we also took a selfie at the same store where my daughter and I bought our first pair of school shoes. This is one part of history I don't mind repeating.

Has history repeated for you with your kids?
Is your little one ready to return to school or start school?

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