Thursday, January 23, 2014

Those precious moments

Since having our little miss Mondays have always been Mummy-Daughter days. For the past five and a half years we have spent every Monday together. I have treasured these times and will always hold them in my heart as precious moments we have spent together as mother and daughter.

With little miss starting school this year, it means our Mummy-Daughter days will be few and far between. Of course we will still have them, but sadly not every week. To say I am devastated about this would be an understatement. I have enjoyed having our Mummy-Daughter time together. I will miss it so much.

So, this Monday signified our last Mummy-Daughter day for a while, especially on a Monday. Our little man was at daycare and Hubby was at work. It was just us girls.

I asked our little miss what she wanted to do. "Paint statues," was her instant reply.

We headed over to the Entertainment Quarter at Fox Studios and went to the Plaster Painting shop. Little miss picked a unicorn in front of a rainbow and I chose an owl.

Ready to paint
Our statues
She also had a go at the crazy mirrors, which had her laughing for the longest time, hopscotch and the park.

Crazy mirrors
Afterwards, we headed home for an extravagant lunch of cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches.

The next item on the agenda was baking.

I got a recipe off Maxabella Loves blog for Apple muffins. The recipe seemed so easy and her picture so looked so enticing.

Every time I bake though I am reminded why I don't do it very often. They did come out of the oven looking all right but got a bit burnt on the bottom and are a bit holey in the middle.

Little miss did eat one, but the screwed up look on her face gave it away that she wasn't the biggest fan of our little apple muffins. Needless to say I am the only one left eating them.

Our apple muffins.

So, this past Monday is another of those precious moments spent with my daughter that I will treasure forever - baking disaster and all.

Do you have precious moments with your kids?
Do you like to spend some one on one time with your kids too?

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