Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My First...Kiss

Every school has them, some have a few of them, most have a lot of them. Gorgeous guys, that is. The ones that all the girls are after so your chance of actually snagging one is zero.

I'm sure you know the one's I mean. They seem to all know each other and high-five as they pass in the hallways.

Wayne was the gorgeous guy in my year at high school, or at least he was one of them. His beautiful brown eyes were like velvety chocolate. He had cool undercut hair the colour of warm sand. He also had full, pouty lips. You know the Angelina Jolie type - full and pouty without even trying.

The year was 1995. I was twelve years old. Wayne had just "broken up" with a girl in Year 9 - yep he was that gorgeous he could "date" older girls at the ripe age of 12.

My friend Lisa said, "Wayne likes you, do you like him?"

"Yeah I like him. He is is hot." I replied.

"Want to go out with him?" She asked.

"Sure." I said. This is how it was done when you were twelve years old.

So now we were going out. We would sit next to each other at recess and lunch.

One day we were sitting against the light post on the football field, chatting away. He held me hand. He leaned in towards my face and tilted his to the right (or left - who can remember) and then he kissed me softly on the lips. Closely followed by his warm tongue doing circles in my mouth.

I have to admit, it was lovely. I also have to admit, I was nervous. Especially because I could feel all our friends eyes on us, watching and waiting for the moment when it would happen.

I was also nervous because there were rumours that the Year 9 girl hated me and wanted to let me know just how much. So when I saw her marching across the oval with one of her friends. I grabbed my bag and took off for the safe haven of the girls bathroom.

Apparently, she only wanted to tell me that the rumours weren't true and that she didn't care that Wayne had dumped her for me because he was too young anyway - at least that is what a friend told me.

Wayne and I "dated" for about two weeks. But we remained close friends throughout high school. It was as though that kiss had created a special bond between us.

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Do you remember your first kiss?

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