Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our 37 years together

There is one person in my life I have known longer than any other.

I would even say that technically I have known him longer than my parents.

He is my brother. My twin brother. Today is his birthday.

As I have mentioned before, probably on numerous occasions, I am extremely emotional and sentimental, especially on days like today.

He is my rock. If ever I am carrying on about something, which is often, all I need to do is call him and he will tell it to me straight. All fears gone.

So here we are....our 37 years together.....

One of the first. I think that is me on the right and him on the left.

Several months old. Me on the left, him on the right.

One of my all time fave photos! We used upside down chairs as horses!

Our fifth birthday

Some other birthday?

Having a chuckle!

@ Warragamba Dam

Our Year 6 photo

One Christmas

With braces on!!

Ready for our Year 12 formal. Check out the attitude on my face!

His wedding in 2002

Our 29th BDay

My wedding in 2005

Our 30th Bday

The latest @ our 37th Bday lunch
Happy Birthday Brother B. I love you stinky!

Do you share a birthday with someone?

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