Monday, October 7, 2013

Their special day

Years ago I met one of my dearest friends. She is full of life, funny, caring and genuine. I really love spending time with her and am so glad we met and become friends.

She is also an amazing cook and has introduced Hubby, little miss and I to some amazing Vietnamese delicacies.

We have shared our high and lows over the years, of which there have been many. On Saturday, I was privileged enough to share in another of her highs.

Two and a half years ago she met her perfect match and on Saturday they were married.

In years to come I wonder what their memories of Saturday will be, apart from the fact they married their soul mate. Will it be the lovely and funny speeches by their fathers, the adoring speech from the groom, the beautiful sunset, the polaroid guest book or the delicious crockenbush cake?

Only time will tell. And we wish them all the time and happiness in the world together.

What are your best memories from your wedding?

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