Saturday, October 26, 2013

The next test

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What a week it has been in the Stone house!

I can't quiet believe it is Saturday.

Wednesday saw Hubby go for his MRI test. After an initial panic that he was in the wrong place - apparently there are two imaging places at RPA Medical Centre, he went to the wrong one first.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay with him because our little miss had her first orientation day for school.

Always the way - everything big on the one day!

So I dropped Hubby off and raced back in time for school orientation.

He called me when it was over and said it was the worst experience. They put him in this tiny little tube for an hour and told him not to move. He had to hold his breath for 20 seconds or more at a time.

He told me it was so loud. They gave him headphones and said they would play Triple J - they never actually played it though. I asked if he said anything about it, he said no. I said that he probably should have because it might have been broken and all these people not hearing any music are just thinking the staff are incompetent.

He spoke to the imager (is that the job title, sorry I am not sure??) and commented it was very claustrophobic. She commented that he was lucky he was so thin as it is a one size fits all type of situation. She said that 15 years ago it wasn't an issue at all but these days they actually had to turn away two patients a week because they were too "large" to fit in the machine - HOLY SHITBALLS!

Here is it Saturday though and we have received no call from either of his cardiologists - we are taking this as a good sign. I mean if there was something really wrong we would have got a call, right?

Next on the agenda is to see his cardiologist again on Friday. Fingers and everything else are still crossed.

Has your week been hectic?
Do you have days were there is more than one major thing happening?

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