Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Following in their footsteps

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For some reason over the last couple of days this phrase, following in their footsteps, has plagued me.

I have no idea why.

Am I meant to be following someone? If so, who? and to do what?

Is someone meant to be following me? Am I meant to be doing something more inspirational for my kids to emulate?

Do people still follow in the footsteps of others? or are they more likely to carve their own path?

Some families it just comes with the territory, like any Royal family.

Business tycoons have their youngsters following them into the biz, think Parker and Murdoch.

Philanthropists inspire people to follow along with them.

If someone were to follow me, where would I take them?

So many things to ponder.

Have you followed in someone's footsteps? 
Or has someone followed you?

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