Monday, September 23, 2013

Can I just say...

Recently I attended a music night at little misses preschool. There were 56 other parents and kids in attendance.

One of those parents, a mum with two beautiful blond hair little boys, is extremely stylish. At least I think so.

Every time we run into each other, at a birthday party or preschool event, she looks amazing. Gorgeously colour coordinated and well groomed. I am lucky if I have brushed my hair and wiped my little man's splashed breakfast off my top.

Anyway, at the recent preschool music night, we were chatting and I just said, "Can I just say....I admire your sense of fashion, every time I see you I always love what you are wearing and I think you look amazing".

I think I caught her a little off guard. I hoped she didn't think I was crackers. But, she was very thankful.

It got me thinking. We should really tell people more often the things we admire about them, be it their sense of style, or whatever.

There is so much negativity buzzing in the air these days. You can't watch the news or read a paper where it isn't leaping out at you. It can be quite depressing.

We should all try to fill someone's day with a little positive. Each day I am going to try to tell someone, whether it be by text message, email, phone, or face-to-face something I admire or love about them...."can I just say...."

Have you told someone that you admire them for something today?
Are you willing to give it a go too?

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