Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beginner Photography - Shutter speed

This week I am sharing more of my beginner photography shots. This week I have been trying different shutter speeds and it was harder than I thought.

Shutter speed is all about how much movement you want to show in your photos. A fast shutter speed captures the image quickly, therefore shows more of a stand still photo. A slower speed captures shows more movement in the photo.

Because I have been wanting to learn about shutter speed, I have been using the Tv (or S on some cameras) setting on my camera. This means that I only need to set the shutter speed and the camera will set the aperture for me.

Unfortunately I wasn't at a car race or sporting event which would have been great to try out different shutter speeds, so I enlisted the help of my trusty assistant, little miss to help me.

In the first one she is clapping, one is using a slow shutter speed and the other a fast.

Fast shutter speed 1/45

Slow shutter speed 1/10

I did spy this jet boat on the harbour but could only get a shot of it with a slow shutter speed, showing more of it's movement.

Slow shutter speed 1/6

Once again enlisting the help of little miss, this time she is running.

Fast shutter speed 1/1000

Slow shutter speed 1/30

 Do you like a still shot or to show some of the movement?

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