Sunday, August 18, 2013

Time to get our bowling shoes on...

It is our current aim to do at least one family activity, that doesn't involve anything house or chore related, per weekend.

This weekend we headed to Strike Bowling at Fox Studios. Little miss had a ball and jumped like a Mexican jumping bean the whole time. Hubby had a great time because he is super competitive and won - it wasn't hard. I had a great time seeing my two loves have a great time....oh and I came third (out of three).

What is it with kids and bowling? This place was churning through kids parties at a rate of knots and each one had super big grins on their faces, whether winning or not. Except the poor kid next to us, absolutely nothing seemed to be going his way and he wanted everyone to know, poor little mite. At one stage his father asked me if I wanted to swap kids, I replied with, "not right now thanks", he said he didn't blame me.

One thing to make me cringe about bowling are the communal shoes and possible chance of a tinea infection. The staff do make the effort of spraying each returned shoe widely with some sort of anti-bacterial, with more probably going off into the ether. They must be a coveted item these days though because you have to give them your shoes before you can claim your own stylish pair. I'd love to see someone walking down the street with Strike bowling shoes on - and tinea I bet.

Shoe issues aside it was a great time. I am completely hopeless. A professional ten-pin bowler I will never be. Into our second game, Hubby asked me why I didn't have the bumpers up, I told him that you have to be under 12 to get the bumpers, he laughed.

Been bowling lately? Do you wish you could use the bumpers?

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