Saturday, June 8, 2013

My RedBalloon Endota Spa experience

A few months ago I won a competition. I couldn't believe it. Me, a winner!

I was on Megan Blandford's blog, Writing Out Loud.  I love Megan's writing and her views on life so pretty much read everything she posts.

This one day, she was giving away a RedBalloon voucher and asked her readers, What do you love to do in your 'me time'?

With a newborn baby, I said  At the moment I would love to do nothing. With a 4.5 year old and a 14 week old I am exhausted. I would love to be alone and do nothing. Just sit and relax and possibly get some sleep in :)

A few weeks later it arrived in the hour all to myself. A RedBalloon One Hour Full Body and Mind Massage to be exact.

Today was the day. I headed off for my one hour of bliss and this is where I ended up - endota spa.

I was so excited to be spending some time alone, literally alone. No interruptions, no talking, no thinking, nothing!

Upon arrival I was lead to a lounge area to await my massage therapist. It was divine, adorned with comfy lounges, and had water and herbal tea at the ready.

After a short wait, I accompanied my massage therapist to one of the seven rooms at the endota spa.

The lights were dim and there was a peacefully calm scent in the air.

He instructed me to put on a robe and then immerse my feet into the foot bath laced with bergamot and lavender.

I was on cloud nine!

My one hour of bliss consisted of the foot bath, where my tootsies were treated to a massage with calming moisturiser. My body was brushed to remove all the dead skin cells. Once the dead skin was gone, my massage therapist got into the full body massage using lilly pilly moisturiser - the smell was amazing.

I am quiet proud of myself that I didn't fall asleep - but only because I didn't want to miss it.

The one hour seemed to pass rather quickly, before I knew it he was telling me that he would meet me back in the lounge area with a glass of water.

I walked into the endota spa and I glided out.

This was a full hour that I totally needed to myself. It had been so long since I was actually alone (except for my massage therapist, but I ticked minimal talking on the card and he took note).

The only bad thing is that now I want one every month :)

Had a massage lately?


  1. Sounds blissful! So glad you enjoyed it - I related to your comment so much and absolutely agree that an hour alone every so often makes all the difference.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Sam!

    1. Thanks Megan. It was seriously what I needed :) xo