Friday, May 24, 2013

What is fear?

Fear is different for everyone.

What makes me fearful won't be the same as you and vice versa.

Everyone's reaction to fear is different and has varying degrees.

This week I discovered what strikes me with fear.

It all started when I received a phone call from the Health Clinic to tell me that Little Miss 4 had failed the eye test she had done at preschool.

I was completely shocked! There had been no indication that her eye sight was anything but perfect.

The kind lady, Genelle, offered a retest because sometimes these tests are skewed because of the loud chaotic preschool environment.

I accepted. On Tuesday the whole family went to the Health Clinic for the retest.

Hubby and I sat there completely still and speechless as our Little Miss 4 clearly and quite significantly failed the test in her left eye.

The kind lady, Genelle, explained to us that our eyes aren't fully developed until we are eight years old so hopefully with glasses Little Miss 4's left eye could be corrected. She also told us that if treatment had been left until she was eight it would be too late and she would be blind in her left eye.

Cue fear!

My beautiful angel, blind! What?

To find out exactly what the issue was Little Miss 4 would need to see an Orthoptic Surgeon.

On Thursday Little Miss 4 and I headed to the hospital to have further tests done.

After three hours of tests, eye drops and waiting we found out that Little Miss 4 is extremely long sighted in her left eye and also has a slight stigmatism.

Another kind lady, Kate, explained to me that if we were to do nothing and something should happen to Little Miss 4's right eye, she would be completely blind. (It seems some parents don't believe the diagnosis and therefore do nothing. Incomprehensible to me.)

Cue more fear!

My beautiful angel, blind! What?

We left the hospital with a script for glasses and an appointment to return in two months to learn how to patch her right eye to kick the left eye into getting stronger.

While I am stricken with fear over my daughter's sight, she is simply not phased. She feels "good" about getting glasses and patching her eye. Last night we talked about friends and family who have glasses. Even people we see on TV - like George and Elaine from Seinfeld (that's my girl).

She is such a great kid.

She wanted red glasses so picked out the reddest, boldest frames that the shop had! That's my girl.

What strikes fear in you?


  1. Oh wow, what a horrible shock for you!I am so glad you were able to find out now, I guess kids just adapt to what they know so these things get missed... The glasses are really cute and it's wonderful that she is happy to wear them too :) Good luck with it!

    1. THanks so much. So relieved that we found out now.

  2. We had this test this week and I never even thought it would be bad, but that's because we have had speech/hearing issues and I thought surely we can't have BOTH!
    I have to say she looks lovely!
    A friend in NZ had her son, 4, go blind in one eye, very unexpectedly , and he is just cruising along.
    Hang in there!

    1. Hi Emily, Thanks :) I hope your speech/hearing issues get sorted. It has hard when your kids struggle with something.

  3. oh Sam that would be so scary, but your little poppet is so brave. Thank god you got it now and all will be okay x

    1. I know! She is so not phased, I am so proud of her. Hopefully she is still not phased when her glasses are ready :)

  4. Oh Bless - We went through a similar thing with the STEPS program with one of my kids. It turned out to be nothing in the end, but it did make me take all kids to be checked out and one did need reading glasses. I think your gal is rocking those red glasses. Im so relieved it all turned out OK and tell her that apparently all the coolest kids WANT to wear glasses so she is already high up there in the coolness stakes :) xx

    1. Hi Sonia, she is already talking about being cool! Too cute :)