Friday, May 3, 2013

Looking after yourself takes time. A lot of time.

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Last night I dragged my arse of the couch at about 9pm to start my night ritual.

I headed to the bathroom where I flossed my teeth, brushed my teeth, gargled with mouth wash, washed my face, exfoliated my face, toned my face, moisturised my face and Moroccan oiled my hair.

Upon leaving the bathroom, I did the stretches assigned to me by my Osteopath to help my back and dodgy hip.

When I climbed into bed, I did the meditation assigned to me by my psychiatrist.

Now time is pushing 10pm and no doubt I have forgotten to do something as per usual.

Seriously, nearly an hour of night-time ritual and sadly it doesn't show.

Finally I fall asleep.

Little Mr 0 wakes me from slumber at 5.45am because this is a reasonable time to start the day.....and my morning ritual, which is longer and more laborious and involves two young children.

During the day there is the attempt to exercise for 30 minutes, drink two litres of water, eat five small nutritious meals that include the right amount of fats, vegetables and carbs.....and all of a sudden it is time for the night ritual all over again.


How long does it take you to look after yourself?


  1. But it's worth it Sam! I try and do half an hour of exercise in the mornings around 6am. And if I can fit in a walk during the day - bonus! At night it's a similar routine to you, minus the meditation - but I really should find some time to be calm and mindful. It's probably the one thing lacking from my 'routine'.
    You're right! It does take time!

    1. When my little man gets me up before 6am I should take him for a walk then! Then I can tick one thing off the list before the rest of the house is awake.

  2. I get up and sneak off for my early morning run. It clears my head and keeps me happy for the day. My kids aren't babies anymore though and I doubt after being up in the night with a baby one would feel like running the next morning lol

    1. My little mr wasn't too bad last night, he woke at 4.30am but there was a false alarm when I thought he was calling out at 3.15am but when I got to his room he was asleep - clearly I shouldnt be allowed out of the house!!