Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Has Masterchef lost the plot?

It seems the genius minds behind the Masterchef (MC) franchise are running the gauntlet with the next season.

In recent MC series, ratings have been wanning and clearly not wanting to be outdone by the negative publicity that The Biggest Loser has received this year for fat shaming teenagers, they are lining up Boys vs Girls.

Okay, so boys vs girls isn't that bad, right?

But have you seen the promo that has recently adorned our TV screens offering a glimpse into the upcoming Masterchef season?

If not, check it out below....

At first I thought it might have been a joke. You know someone taking the piss, then I saw Gary, George and Matt. I realised this was for real.

Hubby, Little Miss 4 and I normally watch MC together - not this season if this promo is anything to go by.

The contestants script for this promo goes something like this....

"The average woman cooks 1,000 meals a year. Men can't compete with that"

WTF! This woman is not cooking an average of 1,000 meals per year and Hubby can definitely compete with that. You see, in this house, Hubby and I share the cooking, cleaning, gardening and financial contribution. It is important for us to teach our kids that men and women are equal.

"Women are better at presentation. We are used to groom ourselves"

Have the MC brains trust been in hiberation for the past decade! Some men spend more time grooming themselves than women.
Are they trying to make the women contestants out to be mirror bound princesses?

"When a man puts his mind to a task, it always turns out better."

Pardon me. This is really something that I don't want my kids to learn. I want them both to believe if they put their mind to a task they will achieve.

Note to the MC brains trust, I think that the promo for the new series needs a re-think, otherwise your ratings will not improve.

What are your thoughts on the new MC promo?

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