Saturday, March 9, 2013

My point of view match review - Bunnies v Roosters

Image of George Burgess from here

After missing the pre-match hooha on the TV- which apparently I should be thankful for - I raced in to the lounge room to catch the Roosters scoring their first try in the 3rd minute of the game.....oh crap!

I am always a tad anxious when the Bunnies take on the Roosters in the season opener, especially so this year with all the hype around Sonny Bill Williams.

However, this season opener was to be different. The Bunnies looked pumped and energised!

It wasn't long before my anxiety levels started to drop when the "play makers" of Sutton, Reynolds, Inglis and Merritt combined at the 10 minute mark for the Bunnies first try and it was easily converted by Reynolds.

At 24 minutes in, Lowe scored for the Bunnies, however it was disallowed - sadly for the Roosters this didn't make much difference!

Next up, Merritt was at it again scoring his second try on the left side, this time helped by the foot of Reynolds and the hands of McQueen, Inglis and Farrell. Reynolds easily converted again.

The Bunnies scoring prowess was not done for the first half. McQueen crossed in the final minute. Once again Reynolds kicking game proved faultless, even though the ball found the head of Inglis (don't you love when a plan comes together), after that it found the hands of McQueen and he was over. Ooops, this one wasn't converted.

The Bunnies lead at half time, 16-4.

Play resumed in the second half and the Bunnies still looked energised - thank god!

And thank god, the tries just kept on coming. George Burgess crossed the line in the 46th minute for his first try, assisted by an offload from Sutton. Once again, superb kicking from Reynolds saw another conversion. Bunnies 22, Roosters 4 - where are you SBW?

Merritt, was at it yet again, crossing for his third try in the 61st minute again down the left side. This time assisted by Sam Burgess, Sutton, Inglis and Farrell. Oh and then Reynolds converted!

The next try went to SBW (we found him) in the 75th minute and was converted by Maloney....all a little too late though.

End of game - Bunnies 28, Roosters 10.

Sam Burgess had a cracker of a game and some big hits, namely on Pierce and Williams (welcome back Sonny).

It seems that super play maker, Reynolds will still be targeted this year by the opposition (we will never forget the finals last year, I still cry about it). He had his head opened up by a flying Guerra arm. This didn't stop him though, he was bound up like a mummy and continued to play, even though I am not sure how the hell he could see.

He also had a change of jersey on-field because of the amount of blood and I was happy to see that he still had some skin available for some more "tough stickers" (aka tattoos).

BTW, I must digress - are tattoos a pre-requisite to play for the Bunnies? Reynolds, Sutton, Merritt and McQueen even don neck tattoos! I would love to meet McQueen to ask him what "070" actually means?

I have noticed though that the Burgess boys don't have any visible tattoos - maybe next game they should get their jersey's off so we can have a proper look.

Speaking of the Burgess boys, I don't think the hype should have been around Sonny Bill Williams for the season opener, it should have been around George Burgess! What an awesome start to his NRL career! {Mr & Mrs Burgess, you must have some good football genes.}

So "we"(yes I am using the royal "we" because clearly I don't play for the Bunnies) have a win in the first round and are currently on top of the ladder!

Is it too early to get my hopes up for this season?


  1. Yes. It's WAY too early to get your hopes up in Round 1. Well, the bunnies can't get any worse than Sharkies this year. ;)

    1. If it is too early to get my hopes up, it is too early to write off the Sharkies :)