Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beauty, brains or both

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Watching the Season 3, Episode 23 "The Lunar Excitation" of The Big Bang Theory (BBT) yesterday - it is the one where Leonard and Penny have just broken up and she is dating the good looking Zack, however he isn't that smart - Penny knocks on Leonards door and the following conversation ensues...

Penny: Damn you, you rat bastard!
Leonard: Are you drunk?
Penny: Zack was a perfectly nice guy and then you ruined him!
Leonard: How did I ruin him?
Penny: 'Cause in the olden days I never would have known he was so stupid.
Leonard: Come on, he wasn't that stupid.
Penny: Yes he was! He thought you were going to blow up the moon!

And it got me thinking.....are people attracted to beauty, brains or both? I suppose it could be classed as one of those age old questions, are people more likely to fall for good looks or personality?

In this episode of BBT I can only assume that Penny is attracted to Zack for his looks only to discover that he isnt that brainy and ends up blaming the brainy Leonard, who isn't as good looking (who doesn't think Leonard is just gorgeous though!) because now she is more attracted to brains than good looks.

In the early seasons of BBT Penny dates several good looking men who don't have the smarts of Leonard. However after dating Leonard her preference does seem to change to brains before beauty.

This got me thinking of men vs women in the whole brains vs beauty debate. Do women go more for brains and men more for beauty? or vice versa? or a mixture? and it is the media's fault?

In the media at least, men are depicted as falling for beauty. Classic examples are Beauty and The Geek TV show, even brainy Leonard falling for beautiful Penny in BBT and the VB ad that has "regular blokes punching above their weight".

My opinion is that beauty and brains are in the eye of the beholder. Someone I find attractive and intellectually engaging may not be the same for others. I think I am attracted to beauty and brains because I think my Hubby definitely has both!

What are thoughts?

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