Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Morning TV - such a cracker!

It has been a while, a long while since I have watched grown-up morning TV. Normally if the TV is on we are watching ABC4Kids. Ask me anything about Peppa Pig, Olivia or Angelina Ballerina and I can tell you all about it.

Since my little man arrived I admit to watching a shit load of TV - and we dont have Foxtel, so it is free-to-air TV for me.

Currently my TV ritual runs like this...Today, Mornings with David and Sonia....and then I am done and have to watch something I have taped or on DVD, or of course blog (which I do while in front of the TV) or knit my Wrap with Love (also in front of the TV).

What is with the infomercials? They drive me mental! Am I the only one? If I see one more exercise machine that will give me rock hard abs and fit under my bed I might be forced to go for a jog - and I have never jogged in my life, ever, never ever!

Also, what is with the celebrity gossip? The morning shows seem to love it! I admit to loving to look at celebrity fashion, who is wearing what and all that but how Kim Kardashian is going to keep her curves while pregnant - I don't care. How Kayne probably has her on some strict diet while she is pregnant - I don't care....and don't believe it anyway.

What are your thoughts on morning TV?

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