Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Frivolity!

It should always be about things you find FUN or FUNNY!! 

Today I decided to share a few videos that make myself and those around me laugh!

The monkey one...

My wonderful sis-in-law and I watched this clip about 10 years ago (maybe more, who the hell knows) and couldn't stop laughing. Even now when we just talk about it we laugh.

Recently I showed it to Little Miss 4 and she couldn't stop laughing.

The dancing baby one...

Little Miss 4 and I watch this together from time to time and have a good chuckle! Seriously this kid is cute and oh so talented!

A Moody Christmas

I have been watching this on the ABC for the past couple of weeks. It made me laugh out loud.

Did you do anything frivolous today? or know any funny videos/shows?


  1. Oh these are classic. Thanks for making my day

    1. I am glad you liked them! Happy Saturday. Hope your writing goes well today :)