Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Book Club - Arnold, the Prickly Teddy

Little Miss 4 and I have decided to review a book a week - she will pick the book and I will review it.

This week she has chosen Arnold, the Prickly Teddy by Kym Lardner.

Arnold is a brown, prickly teddy who doesn't squeak, talk or growl. He sits on a shelf in a toy shop with the pink and fluffy teddies. The pink teddies are popular but nobody wants Arnold. The shop owner decides that no one would want dusty, prickly Arnold so he tosses him onto the rubbish with the other stuff that nobody wants.

Arnold sits in the rubbish for a couple of days before a small boy tucks him under his jumper and carries him away. He pleads with his Dad to keep him because he has never had a teddy before.

Arnold is loved, washed and carried everywhere, he is cuddled every day and soon he is just as smooth and cuddly as the other teddies from the toy shop.

This story is about giving the love and attention that everyone desires. It is a great story to teach kids that everyone is lovable - even though Arnold wasn't pink and fluffy he is still lovable.

This book is aimed at 3-6 year olds. The author, Kym Lardner is a full time professional storyteller. He visits schools around Australia telling his stories. You can check him out here.

Have you read Arnold, the Prickly Teddy? What book are you reading to your kids this week?

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