Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Peerenting 101 by Daddy...

"Peerenting" can be described as a combination of talking like a peer but acting like a parent with your kids. A parenting style I believe Hubby embraces with open arms.

He really is a source of great amusement to Little Miss 4 - most of the time I am not nearly as amused.

An example of hubby's peerenting skills came the other night at dinner....
Little Miss 4 wanted to hold her Dad's hand during dinner (too cute), she proceeded to tell me that I couldn't hold his other hand as he needed it to use his fork (clever girl).

Hubby said he could hold my hand too and still ears pricked up and I thought "Oh dear, peerenting 101!" and I knew what he was planning (not sure if that makes me as bad?).

He was going to hold both our hands and eat his dinner like a dog eats from a bowl....a quick "mean Mummy" look together with raised eyebrows from me kyboshed his plan.

Dinner returned to a civilised affair of Little Miss 4 holding her Daddy's hand while they ate (too cute!).
Does your partner exhibit peerenting?

Image from here.


  1. Yes he does! Without even trying. In particular he makes them giggle when he is trying to use his stern face. When there is 'high tension' in the house he will crank up the stereo and get everyone grooving. Completely resets the mood. Super Dad!

  2. Grooving is very cool! Super Dad!