Sunday, March 27, 2016

{Renovation Junkies} Kitchens = Overwhelmed!

Recently Hubby and I have been hitting every kitchen showroom across Sydney in an attempt to decide on our ultimate kitchen. One word. Overwhelmed!

In some showrooms, the sales people wouldn't leave us alone, at others they wouldn't even talk to us! Then of course there were the ones that were just right.

There is absolutely so much choice and so many showrooms. Heads are spinning, feet are sore and we are quite seriously overwhelmed by it all.

Traditional French, modern, contemporary, laminate, polyurethane, marble, stone, cupboards, drawers, appliance nooks, kick-board drawers, bin drawers, handles, no handles, integrated appliances.....

So many ideas and concepts for kitchens. Who knew! And of course all priced from not-too-bad to seriously out-of-the-park expensive.

In the end, we made a list of things we liked and sat down with two kitchen designers, Impala Kitchens and Sydney Kitchens to create quotes based on this list.

Our ultimate list is:

  • no services in the island and seating for 4 people, 
  • all services to be on the wall against the window with no over-head cupboards,
  • lots of pantry space with room for the coffee machine and thermie to be tucked away,
  • floor to ceiling cupboards 
  • kick-board drawers to hold platters! (seriously awesome idea)
  • a double bin drawer near the sink and dishwasher

Each kitchen designer will now create a quote and a 3-D "demo" of the kitchen design.

And then of course we have to decide!! ARRHH.

What would be on your list for your perfect kitchen?

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